Stakeholder coaching is based around true leadership effectiveness driven by the perception of the stakeholders.


After some assessments to help us select 2 high-value areas for growth areas that are important to you and the organization we become clear on which behaviors to improve.  We then invite some stakeholders to support your development. The next phase is a future-focused Monthly FeedForward Cycle.


This consists of 7 steps:

  • Ask for future-focused suggestions to improve in your growth areas

  • Listen to the suggestions .

  • Thank the suggestions

  • Think about the suggestions and make an action plan

  • Respond to the suggestions by sharing your action plan

  • Change behavior by implementing the suggestions in your action plan

  • And follow up to make sure the change is visible and recognized by your stakeholders


The final phase is Measuring Leadership Growth.



The objective of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is twofold:

  • First, you grow as a leader by becoming measurably more effective

  • Second, is to transfer this leadership growth process to you so that you can continue to develop yourself and your team moving forward.

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