Our Coaching Engagements

How I Can Help You


Need help to clarify direction and achieve more? 

Reach your full potential by releasing your limiting beliefs.  


The way you think and the mindset you have are the key to achieving your goals.  Achieving these impact you and all those around you.



Business professionals today have numerous opportunities to develop their knowledge and further their personal and professional development.

Mentoring can add another dimension to gain knowledge, wisdom, and advice from someone with more and differing experience.



Guiding business owners in maximising their business by helping to set better goals, creating a business plan of action, driving accountability, make better decisions and improve  relationships.

Taking your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

It's all about the future; discovering your business potential and achieving it - fast.


Guaranteed and measurable results, acknowledge by others.  Stakeholder coaching is based around true leadership effectiveness driven by the perception of stakeholders.


A robust and structured process, focused on high-value areas for growth that are important to you and the organization. 

Stakeholders support your development with future-focused Monthly FeedForward Cycle.  And the final phase is Measuring Leadership Growth.


The objective of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is twofold:

  1. You grow as a leader by becoming measurably more effective

  2. To transfer this leadership growth process to you so that you can continue to develop yourself and your team moving forward.

What You Can Expect From Me

Our initial contact would be an free investigatory chat, by telephone, video call or face to face.  The purpose is at first to understand your needs, and check that we have the chemistry to move forward with a coaching engagement. 

Coach Engagements are shaped depending on the needs of the individual or business. 


Individual coaching would typically consist of 6-10 sessions, each one lasting approximately 1 hour.  I would recommend that 1 or 2 of these sessions are face to face and the remaining can be via telephone, or conferencing.  However, shorter engagements may also be appropriate.

Business Coaching very importantly shaped upon the needs of the business.   Typically an investigatory session to understand the business needs and goals to scope the engagement and identify key players, timelines and expectations.  This would primarily be facilitated face to face.  The layout of the engagement will be discussed and agreed.

What to expect; coaching is an experience which is led by challenging questions and feedback.  We will use tools, structure, confidentiality to accomplish more.  Expect to be challenged, taken out of your comfort zone, and address those self limiting beliefs.  Expect to work hard on your own actions, pushing the boundaries and being accountable.

Assessments; It can be extremely beneficial to incorporate assessments in a coach engagement.  Often at the start of the process to help shape the goals and raise self awareness.  A number of assessments are available, and which particular one to use, is dependent on the needs of the client.  Further details are available.

Feedback; We will review progress at regular intervals through the coach engagement.  Feedback on both sides, and any sponsoring business is key to ensure we refine and adjust as needed to gain the maximum out of the engagement.

Fees; These can be discussed at our investigatory meeting