About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I followed a traditional path for a career and the foundational skills I developed stood me well.  As many people, I cherish family time, and I love to travel to different countries, the less commercialized the better, where you can meet so many new people in so many differing cultures.

I chose the corporate route for a career.  Quite typical in the day.  I took an opportunity to work in Human Resources, which was a great way to work with people.  A strong 30-year foundation for managing and leading people in all types of environments at all different stages of their lives.  This career took me through a number of industries including Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, Engineering and Energy Management.  What a fabulous journey, so many opportunities to experience many different things, and learn from some of the best and inspirational leaders.

My first experience of coaching was back in the early 90's when I was trained by Sir John Whitmore.  This opened my eyes to how rewarding it is watching and helping others grow.  As my career grew, I have always been passionate about helping, supporting and developing others.  After designing and deploying a global coach program within the business I worked for in 2010, and creating a large international pool of coaches, these  interactions were just inspirational.  My clients ranged from US, Asia, Middle East, India and Africa, Europe and of course the UK.  I continue to learn from their backgrounds, cultures and experiences that consistently fuel my passion for coaching. 


Working with my coach on my own goals in life, I took the leap and here I am.

Coaching for me is truly at its best when I am enriching people's lives by transforming their life goals into reality.  Empowering others through raising their self-awareness, building their confidence and unleashing their potential to achieve awesomeness with energy and enthusiasm.

There's no greater reward.

The New You Is Awesome! 

Relevant Qualifications
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach

  • Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach

  • Marshall Goldsmith Team Coach

  • Global Certificate In Leadership Coaching

  • Global Coach Group Leadership and Team Coach

  • Certificate in Foundation Coaching

  • Certificate in GROW Model Coaching

  • SHL Certificate in Personality Profiling

  • HOGAN Certificate in assessments

  • DISC Certificate in assessments

  • MA in Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Member CIPD

Relevant Experience
  • International Coach > 10 years

  • >10 years Global HR Director

  • >25 years Senior HR Experience